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little leaf
"Like a barnacle on the underside of a boat."
That was how he described their home to her. It hung from the side of the cliff facing the western end of the river, cantilevered out on reinforced wooden stilts. The young girl had never left the confines of the village; after remarking on the distant hamlets and farms that dotted the fields below, she wondered what her own home looked like to outsiders and travelers in the world below.
"You mean a sea-carriage?" Her voice was light and sweet like honeysuckle, and carried the lilt of a soprano. He laughed then, a deep, appreciative chuckle. She loved it when he laughed. He always threw his head back like the horses in her mother's drawings.
"No, I meant boat."
She tilted her head to one side, letting her honey-blonde hair fall over her shoulder. It usually hung in a long, single braid woven with her mother's nimble fingers, but today it was everywhere. "Mama calls them sea-carriages. I like that better."
:iconzembelle:zembelle 2 4
they hang in the air
like hummingbirds that don't know where to go,
that can't quite find the nectar
and even if they do, it'll be out of
like drops of rain that find their target drenched,
holding careful palms aloft
to catch the tears, I mean the
like half-smoked cigarettes tossed from the car,
from the driver's seat window
down, down, down to the ground, still
:iconzembelle:zembelle 17 15
You'll someday see the truth from lies. :iconzembelle:zembelle 5 2 Time. :iconzembelle:zembelle 17 4
Mature content
Gravity. :iconzembelle:zembelle 12 56
Kitty sleep nao. :iconzembelle:zembelle 46 23 Riku. :iconzembelle:zembelle 17 0 Follow me. :iconzembelle:zembelle 13 3
At the end of the day.
I was recently asked what kind of person I was. It was rhetorical; I answered, "the short kind," and laughed.
But that got me thinking. What defines me?
Most people would answer such a question with their career. "I am an accountant," or, "I am a nurse," or, "I am a Google codemonkey." Or, if they are a student, "I am a student at [insert college here]." Even past that, one might answer with their hobbies. For example, I play video games. A lot. And I take pictures. I write. I read. I climb trees. I spend too much time on the internet. I listen to music. I go on walks and explore.
Is that what makes us? If life took you in such a way that you turned out to be a freelance journalist instead of a nurse, or led you to believe in ghosts instead of God, would you still be the same person?
I've only recently realized how open I am. How willing I am to speak to strangers, and get to know them, even if only for one day. Even if for just a few moments in passing. No, more than willing - e
:iconzembelle:zembelle 9 13
'63 Ford Falcon :iconzembelle:zembelle 8 3 Kaleidoscope. :iconzembelle:zembelle 0 2 See the light. :iconzembelle:zembelle 16 15 Promise. :iconzembelle:zembelle 28 8 Stories. :iconzembelle:zembelle 32 12 '57 Chevy Bel-Air :iconzembelle:zembelle 22 8
You said it was one of those nights
when the laboured breathing of the slumbering world plagued the earth with lethargy,
and the liveliest of people would crawl into their beds,
seeking solace in the dreams that release them from reality's hold.
As they sank into the deepest of subconscious visionaries, you sighed
and opened the blinds.
I never knew what on earth you meant.
Surely someone waited for you in the warm folds of a comforter,
struggling to hold onto consciousness,
so that you could join them and fall asleep in their company?
As I cocked my head to one side in confusion, you sighed
and turned away in sorrow.
Glancing at his sleeping form beside me,
my sleepless eyes strayed to the arm loosely holding me to him,
and I knew that at some point in history,
another had lain in my place.
As his heartbeat lulled me into submission, I sighed
and closed my eyes.
You said it was one of those nights
that you'd been caught dead center in the eye of your own storm,
and sleep simply could
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Going on two months since you told me that.

Since you told me you hoped I would burn for what I did to you.

I suppose that means you're not my friend either. Maybe you never were, just like you told me I never was.


Since people don't generally keep photos of people who aren't their friends, I haven't really figured out what to do with the 2000+ photos and videos I have of you. The last seven years of my life, of which you have been an integral part, I've documented through photos. You're everywhere in them. You're excitedly showing me the special cabinets in your grandparents' house. You're flirting with the guy behind the counter in a coffee shop in St Louis. You're trying to find a home for a stray cat. You're getting one of your gorgeous tattoos that you're so proud of. You're singing, you're longboarding, you're making that amazing strawberry stuff you make. You're giggling with me in Waffle House, in Barnes and Noble, in your car, in our old apartment, about who knows what, about some silly inside joke, about something one of us said about a stranger, about a line from an anime, about some crazy idea you've had. Or you're doing absolutely nothing, just standing or sitting somewhere, looking at your phone, or out the window, or into space, or you're talking to someone, maybe me, maybe someone else, and those are the pictures I have the most of because I appreciated you so much in all those mundane moments where I'd look at you doing nothing at all, or doing something perfectly ordinary, but it wasn't ordinary at all, it was special because it was you, because it was my best friend in the world, because it was the amazing girl who'd been by my side for longer than anyone else in my whole life, the girl with whom I laughed and argued and cried and giggled and sang and talked and confided and trusted. The girl who drove me insane sometimes, but who I still loved. The girl who wrote me a fairy tale.

The girl who decided, seven years ago, that I looked lonely, and that she ought to do something about it.

And the girl who decided, seven years later, that I couldn't be forgiven.

The girl who isn't my friend.

You're not my friend.
But you were. Once upon a time.


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Call me Chibi. I'm 20, geeky, and have a weird(ly awesome) sense of humor. Drop me a line if you want, I don't bite too hard. :la:


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